Journey to Thriving

For first-time clients, I offer initial coaching sessions over a 3-month period in my Journey to Thriving coaching program 

For individuals who have never worked with me before, I offer initial coaching sessions over a minimum 3-month period (see this FAQ for the reason why). Journey to Thriving is a personalized 3-month coaching program that consists of 8 sessions scheduled over a 13- to 14-week period, with optional extensions available in 3-month increments. Sessions are typically 90 minutes. Extra sessions throughout that period are available dependent on availability, at no added cost.

Program Cost: $1500

A central goal of my coaching is to help you build your self-efficacy – “the belief in one’s ability to influence events that affect one’s life and control over the way these events are experienced” (Albert Bandura, 1994). Within the program, this looks like:

Focusing on areas where you have energy. While the coach gives the sessions productive structure, the client decides what we actually talk about. This means that we’re always focusing on the things that actually matter to you, no matter how specific or diverse.  

Setting SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely) experiments rather than goals. Coaching is an action-based process, but above all else the intention is to make progress. By framing the action we want to take as an experiment, we eliminate the pressure that comes from the risk of “failure” and open ourselves up to learning from our efforts, no matter what the actual result is. And we motivate ourselves to keep trying because our focus is on the process, not the outcome.

Engaging a strengths-based perspective. Positive psychologists have demonstrated the benefits of focusing on possibility, potential, and what’s going right as opposed to “fixing” what’s going wrong. This doesn’t mean we ignore challenges or problems; it means we navigate them with the inherent resources we already possess, leveraging the much more powerful energy of positive emotion to create sustainable change.

By the end of the program, you’ll find yourself with a unique toolkit of skills, habits, and insights to help you create real, lasting change in your life. You’ll learn that you are fully capable of living in confidence and fulfillment, no matter where you are in life right now – you are fully capable of thriving.

What results can I expect?

Through the process of working with me, I hope to help you effect meaningful change in your life. But it's also my intention that you will:

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Learn how to create and sustain autonomous motivation

Learn how to set goals that actually work for you

Gain confidence in your ability to achieve your goals and overcome roadblocks

Identify what really matters to you and feel that your vision, goals, and actions are aligned with those values

Increase your ability to feel happy and at peace

Develop self-awareness of subconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that influence your actions

Develop a toolkit of strategies and habits to help you navigate barriers (including negative emotions) and achieve future goals

Feel capable and in control, like you're in the driver's seat of your own life and are living "on purpose"


Know what it feels like to thrive and be empowered to do it

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For clients who have previously completed the 3-month Journey to Thriving program, I offer individual sessions on an as-needed basis

I'm always excited to connect with clients again and continue coaching after our initial 3-month engagement, no matter how much time has passed. For returning clients, I offer individual sessions to help you navigate things like:

Projects or specific initiatives

New challenges or a challenging period in life

Unexpected (or expected!) events


Periods of transition





Send me a message and we'll talk about the best way I can help.