Welcome! If you haven't worked with me before but are interested in the possibilities of what coaching can do for you, you're in the right spot. I coach all of my new clients through Journey to Thriving, a personalized coaching program I created to empower twenty-somethings to flourish - to live their lives the way they dream of living it and to do so sustainably. 


I coach people with very different dreams and strengths and goals and circumstances, but they all have 3 things in common: 

1. They arrive at this program with an open mind.

2. They arrive at this program with a curious mind.

3. They are committed to showing up and trying.


If this sounds like you, I can't wait to connect and see if we're a fit.

Please submit the form below and I'll be in touch to book a discovery call within 24 hours.

With love and gratitude,

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