It's pretty simple:

I want to help you love your life by focusing

on the things that make YOU unique.

In a digital age of constant information, exposure, and noise, the pressure to turn ourselves into something else, to define ourselves by a carefully constructed highlight reel, has never been greater. 

Shamelessly Me is a refuge from these narratives. It is a space to push back against a world that bombards us with images and words and ideas that don't work for everyone


Because happiness is deeply personal. Health is deeply personal. Success is deeply, fundamentally personal. And since every person is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all method to achieving any of the above. So we have to start with ourselves.

I promise you that I will not apologize for not creating a screen-worthy image of myself.


I will not apologize for being the person I am when I don’t think about who’s looking.


 I will not apologize for learning about myself and embracing what makes me feel real.

I hope you will join. Because the world would be a whole lot better if we all felt better about ourselves.

So I will apologize for not creating a screen-worthy image of myself.


I will not apologize for being the person I am when I don’t think about who’s looking.


And I will not apologize for learning and embracing how to be the best version of myself.

I hope you will join me.

Because the world would be a whole lot better if we were all just a bit more of ourselves.


- David Myers

(in addition to cultivating authentic happiness, wellness, and success)

There's a thing in positive psychology known as the "feel good, do good" phenomenon. In a nutshell, the research shows that happier people are more likely to do good things, such as engage in random acts of kindness, let the small things go, be more patient, etc. And it works the other way, too - doing good things can make you feel happier.

I want to do good things in the world, and I believe that the majority of others do, too. So why not make it easier for ourselves? For many of us, taking care of the world can start by taking care of ourselves.


It can start by knowing ourselves.


It can start by doing the inner work, so that we are fully equipped to do the tough, dirty, seemingly impossible outer work that the world really, really, really needs.


Hey! I'm Sarah, which is fact number one.

Fact number two is that I'm THRILLED you're here. Seriously,

if we haven't connected yet, please reach out. Speaking with people like you make my day.

Here are 15 more facts about me.

1. Texting back. As disrespectful and probably (definitely) unhealthy as it is, my ego finds comfort in the little unread notifications number.


2. Going with the flow. It takes me some time to adjust when plans are changed, because I mentally prepare myself for everything in advance.

3. Trusting my gut (but I’m working on it).


4. Cooking. Of any kind. (not working on it)


5. Getting pop culture references.


6. Getting out of my own head.

7. Doing things half-heartedly. If you’re not all in, what’s the point?

7 Things I'm Really Bad At

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Bonus fact:

I have three major goals in life. One of them is to meet Taylor Swift. This is me with her two-dimensional twin back in 2014.

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Semi-accurate photo of me and my cat waiting for food, courtesy of Bitmoji.

1. Listening.


2. Setting a goal and achieving it, even if it doesn't look exactly like I imagined when I originally set it.

3. Seeing the bigger picture.


4. Taking corner kicks  (I was a competitive soccer player for 7 years).


5. Overthinking. (Please refer to "getting out of my head" in 7 Things I'm Really Bad At)

6. Knowing what I like and not settling for anything less (some people say this makes me 'high maintenance' - I say it makes me worth the work.) 

7. Eating dessert (actually, I'm really, really good at this.)

8. Seeing the potential in people.

8 Things I'm Really Good At

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Not actually me or an accurate representation of my life. Aspirational photos can be beautiful and motivating, but consume with caution.